Swim, bike, push (eat, work, study..and sometimes sleep). The ultimate multitasking!

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last posted on here – the last few months have flown by. The first term at Loughborough was a little too manic even for me. New place to live, new training facilities, new coach, new support, and on top of all that a full-time Masters, a job and speaking engagements to manage. As a result I wasn’t even sure if I was going to continue with elite sport as it just felt like added pressure to what was already a bit of an overload. Thankfully though, by not putting too much focus on training and just treating it as fun breaks for my brain in an overcrowded day I realised that training was actually a whole lot more enjoyable than it had been for years, and I was looking forward to getting in my chair/ bike/ the pool/ gym for every session. The variety of triathlon definitely helped too!

Before Christmas I met Vicky Tolfrey and Christof Leicht from the Peter Harrison Centre at Loughborough University (http://www.lboro.ac.uk/research/phc/), who offered to do some testing with me. The first tests were done on an arm crank, and I was pretty disappointed to find that whilst my power wasn’t too terrible, my VO2 Max was really bad. I guess that wasn’t surprising as with the term being so busy and having exams at the end of it a lot of my training was short and intense, rather than focusing on the aerobic fitness that I’ll actually need for triathlons. But still, seeing the numbers on paper gave me the kick I needed to pick it up a few levels. While normal people were getting fat and drunk over Christmas, I was putting in at least 2 hard training sessions a day. It was worth it though – the tests I did last week showed a marked improvement in both power and fitness.

This term I’m taking less modules as I knew I’d be racing so I packed in the extra last term. That means I have more time to train and work, which is lucky as now that we’ve started working with Loughborough Uni athletes at add-victor, and a lot of performance teams are moving here, work has become really busy. Thankfully I love my job, and I’ve met a lot of amazing athletes in the past few weeks. With race season starting in under 3 weeks though, getting my shoulder fixed (with the help of Rachel at Loughborough Sport through the TASS programme) and training are definitely the focuses.

Out with the Battle Back guys and GB cyclists at Tedworth House

I went on my first British Cycling camp a couple of weeks ago, which was a lot of fun despite my poor injured shoulder not enjoying it very much, but also an eye opener. The team are so fast!! Tedworth House, the new Help for Heroes Centre, was the most perfect training base, so thanks to Battle Back for inviting us. From there I went straight to a British Paratriathlon testing weekend and realised that I love being in my chair enough to put up with having to swim, so I’m now swimming every day to try and raise that part of my game. I’m hoping to compete at the Paratri National Championships in July and if I’m selected, Worlds in September, but if not I don’t mind because regardless of whether I manage to represent GB or not I’m actually enjoying sport again, and that’s really what’s important!

Courtesy of Rachel and Ruth at Loughborough Sport - thanks TASS!

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